DTH Plans with Channels of All DTH Operators in INDIA

Last Update: Sun, 13 Nov 2022 12:47:28

DTH Plans with Channel

Airtel Digital TV

How To Change Airtel DTH Plan?

  • Log on to Airtel's website.
  • Enter your registered mobile number and OTP you have received via SMS.
  • Now, login to your airtel account.
  • Select the DTH symbol on the left-hand side and then go to the 'Connections' tab.
  • Select the 'Change Base Pack' option.
  • Choose the plan you wish to subscribe to.
  • Click the 'Get It' icon and pay online.

How to check Airtel DTH balance?
To check your Airel Digital TV balance, follow any of the given methods- Send an SMS to BAL to the number 54325 from your registered mobile number. Or send BAL <Airtel Digital TV Customer ID> to 54325 from any mobile number.
Or give a missed call to 81300-81300 from your registered mobile number to know your Airtel Digital TV balance. You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number with the details of your account balance.
You can also reach the 24x7 toll-free customer care number 1800-103-6065 and follow the instructions to check the balance

How to change Airtel DTH plan?
To change the Airtel DTH plan, dial the toll-free customer care number 1800-102-8080 from your registered mobile number.

What is customer care no of Airtel DTH?
To contact Airtel Digital TV customer care, dial the toll-free number 1800-103-6065 which is supported in 12 different languages.

How to change language in Airtel DTH?
To change the language any channel on your Airtel Digital TV, just press the Blue button on remote and select from the list of language that you want to listen to the channel in.

Dish TV

How To Check Dish TV Balance?
• Online -- Visit dishtv.in --> Enter your registration credentials --> View the balance remaining in your Dish TV DTH account.
• Get your account related updates on WhatsApp. Give a missed call at 1800-315-7878 from your registered mobile number.

How to Add Channel in Dish TV?
• Visit dishtv.in and login on the website. --> Under the "Packs and Channels" tab, Select "Add-On Pack" --> Select the channels that you wish to add --> Your new channels will be activated within 2-3 minutes --> However, you will not be billed until your next billing cycle.
• SMS: DISHTV GET <Channel No.> to 57575 from your registered mobile number.

How To Change Dish TV Package?
• Visit dishtv.in and login on the website. --> You will find an option of Upgrade/Downgrade functionality. You can choose any of the options according to your needs and confirm the changes.
•  Or, You can send an Email to Dish TV using this form --> Fill in the form and the customer care team will respond to your request within 24 hours. Or send an email directly at customercare@dishtv.in
• SMS CALL ME to 57575 from your registered contact number and one of the customer service executives will be there for your help. You can then ask them for further instructions on how to change Dish TV plan.
• Simply call on the Dish TV toll free number 1800-258-3747 (or, 1800-258-3747) (or, 95017-95017 local call charge applicable) and speak with the customer care executive to get your Dish TV pack changed.

How can I find my Dish TV VC no.?
To find your Dish TV Viewing Card (VC) Number, simply take out the viewing card from the STB and find the Dish TV VC number written on the card.

Can Dish TV service be extended to all the TVs at home?
Yes, Dish offers a multi-TV connection to watch Dish TV channels on all the TVs.

What is the Dish TV customer care number?
• To connect with the Dish TV customer care executive for any query or a complaint, dial the toll-free number 1800-258-3474 from your registered mobile number.
• Or, simply send an SMS CALL ME to 57575 from your registered mobile number. You will receive a call back from Dish TV executives within a few hours. You can then ask them for your Dish TV Related queries.

Can Dish TV be transferred or relocated?
Yes, Dish TV can be transferred or relocated. Dial the Dish TV customer care number and call a technician to safely uninstall the Dish TV, pack the set-up box, antenna and user-manual safely. Upon your relocation, call the technician again to safely install the Dish TV at your new place.

Sun Direct DTH

How to check Sun Direct balance?
• You can check the balance and other info of your Sun Direct account by pressing the Info button on your remote. Or you can also send BV "Your Smart Card Number" to 58585 or 9600058585 from your registered mobile number.
• Visit my.sundirect.in --> Select the desired radio button, enter the relevant credentials and login --> You can now view the remaining account balance of your Sun Direct DTH.
• To check your Sun Direct DTH Account Balance and Status give a missed call to 7094012345 from your registered mobile number. You'll receive an SMS with details like remaining account balance, package details, monthly cost, last recharge etc, shortly after disconnecting the call.
• Check Sun Direct Account Validity & Recharge Balance by Email at customercare@sundirect.in

How to Upgrade Sun Direct Set top Box?
1. To upgrade your Sun Direct connection from SD to HD, you first need to upgrade Set top box. HD Set top box gives you 5 times sharper picture quality & 5.1 Dolby surround sound. To upgrade Set top box & for charges, kindly visit Sun direct set top box upgradation page.
2. Now you can choose HD channels as per your requirement.

How to add channels in Sun Direct?
To add a channel or a pack to your Sun Direct account, just follow these simple steps-
1. Login to Sun Direct Account using RMN/SMC/CR-ID.
2. Go to Subscription Pack page.
3. Click the type of packs as SD+ or HD+.
4. View the packs.
5. You may select a required broadcaster bouquets /Ala-Carte (Add-on).
6. Proceed to payment.

How to find the Sun Direct smart card number?
To find the Sun Direct smart card number, remove your smart card from the set-up box. You will find a 12-digit number on the back side of the card. The last eight digits of this 12-digit number are your smart card number.

What is the Sun Direct Customer Care Number?
• To get in touch with the Sun Direct customer care executives, dial the toll-free number 1800-123-7575 or 1800-103-7575 or 76010-12345 (local call charge applicable) from your registered mobile number.
• Visit sundirect.in/help & Click "Chat With Us" button and ask your DTH related queries.

Tata Sky

How to select channels in Tata Sky?
To add channels to your Tata Sky account, follow these simple steps-
1. Go to Tata Sky website.
2. Login to your account using your registered mobile number.
3. Click on Packs.
4. Select the Genres and Languages and click on Apply.
5. Select the packs/channels you want to add.
6. Choose the picture quality (High Definition or Standard Definition) of the channels that you want to add (Remember to choose the picture quality that is supported on your television).
7. Select the channel from the list provided.
8. Proceed with it and the channels will be added.

Add Channel on Tata Sky via SMS - Tata Sky add channel via SMS by sending, ADD <Channel No.> to 56633 from your Tata Sky registered mobile number. To get the respective channel numbers of Tata Sky channels, click here.

How to remove channels from Tata Sky?
To remove channels from your Tata Sky account, follow these simple steps-
1. Log in to Tata Sky website using your registered mobile number
2. Click on Manage Packs
3. There you will be able to see all the active packs and channels. You can remove the desired channels from there.

Alternatively, You can call the Tata Sky customer care number 1800-208-6633 to unsubscribe your unwanted Tata Sky packages.

How to Change Tata Sky Pack?
1. Log in to Tata Sky website using your registered mobile number
2. Select the "Manage Packs".
3. To change your Tata Sky pack, click on the "Change" tab of the base pack.
4. Select the desired pack and its duration.
5. Click on the "Submit" button to save your changes.
6. Viola! Your Tata Sky Pack has been changed!

The most easy method to change your pack is by calling the customer care at 1800-208-6633 from your registered mobile number. Its useful if you want to add/change a single channel or a specific pack.

How To Upgrade To Tata Sky HD Plan?
• To upgrade Tata Sky HD, you would need a Tata Sky HD set top box. Call the Tata Sky customer care number and request to get an HD upgrade. Once the new set top box is set up, go onto Tata Sky website and buy a HD Tata Sky Pack.
• Call the TATA Sky Customer Care Team on any of these numbers- 1800-208-6633 (Toll free), 1860-208-6633, 1860-120-6633, 1860-500-6633

Once you have a HD Tata Sky set top box, you will need to change your Tata Sky Plan. Follow these steps to learn how you can change to an HD plan on Tata Sky:

  • Log in to Tata Sky website using your registered mobile number.
  • Select the "Manage Packs" tab and type the password of your account.
  • Click on any desired TATA Sky HD pack.
  • Select "Add" or "Change" as per your preference.
  • Select "Submit" to save the changes

How to find Tata Sky Subscriber ID?
To find the Tata Sky Subscriber ID, just press the Home button on your Tata Sky remote and your subscriber ID will be shown on the screen.

How to change the registered mobile number in Tata Sky?
Follow these simple steps to change your registered mobile number for your Tata Sky account-
1. Log in to Tata Sky website
2. Click on My Account and then log in to your account using your credentials
3. Click on Profile . You will be able to see your current registered mobile number along with other details
4. Click on Edit Profile
5. Update your registered mobile number and click on Save to confirm the changes
6. Your new number will be updated as your Tata Sky registered mobile number soon

How can I contact Tata Sky customer care executive?
To get in touch with the Tata Sky customer executive, dial the toll-free customer care number 1800-208-6633 from your registered mobile number.

What is ASC?
ASC stands for Annual Service Commitment. It is a special service offered to Tata Sky subscribers to have set top box/digicomps serviced after the base ASC period, which is provided free of cost for one year from activation is over.

Videocon D2H

How to select channels in D2H?
You can follow the steps given below to select channels on Videocon D2H -
1. Log in to your Videocon D2H Subscriber Corner account by visiting d2h.com/login
2. Browse through the different packs and bouquets offered by various broadcasters, Combos by Videocon D2H, a-la-carte and FTA channels list and pricing.
3. Go to "My Account" and click on "Create your Own Package" option to form your own Videocon D2H package. Select channels, packs, combos, etc., for your package. 4. In the next window, choose your zone using the "Select your zone" option.
5. You can select the "Bouquets" option to choose bouquets provided by various broadcasters. Choose the "Add-ons" option to select various add-ons curated by Videocon D2H. Select the "D2H Combo" option to choose the various combos offered by Videocon D2H.
6. Select the "i" option given above the channel price of the selected bouquet to see the list of channels offered by that bouquet.
7. Click on "Proceed" to confirm the package. The total channel count, price, NCF rate and GST applicable rate will be displayed on the screen.

Add Channels on Videocon D2H with Mobile App - This method is similar to adding channels via Videocon D2H website and is probably more convenient, you just have to open the app and visit the customer corner. Follow these simple steps to add channels:
• Download the Videocon D2H app (Infinity) from Google playstore.
• Tap on options on top left & select "Customer Corner".
• Select "a-la-carte channels pay & FTA" & add channels.
• Review your plan and pay.

Add Channels on Videocon D2H by SMS - You can simply add Videocon D2H channels by sending an SMS ADD <ADD ON CODE> to 566777 from your registered mobile number. Example - To add Star World HD to your existing package, SMS ADD 934 to 566777.
You will need to know the price and channel number of Videocon D2H channels in order to add it online or via SMS. You can find a list of all the Videocon D2H channels with prices and channel numbers below. This will aid you in adding Videocon D2H channels to your current subscription:
• D2h Channel list (SD & HD) - Channel location (pdf) or Videocon D2h Channel List 2020 - Updated HD and SD Channel Numbers
• List of A-la-carte channels - click here
• List of Broadcaster Bouquet Channels - click here

Tips Before Selecting Videocon D2H Packs
1. Remember to select your preferred language in the portal to get suitable channels in the pack.
2. You will encounter certain channels as part of the bouquet that is not available on Videocon D2H platform. However, you will still be required to pay for these channels. Once these channels are available in the future, you will be exempt from paying any extra amount for these channels.
3. You must select add-on packs as these are created genre-wise.
4. You must take screenshots of your selections and the final price.

How long does it take to activate a channel?
Activation is quite instant, as soon as a request is raised to add a channel it is activated and is ready for viewing in less than 10 minutes.

Can I add individual Videocon D2H channels to a broadcaster bouquet pack?
Yes, individual channels can be added to an existing broadcaster bouqet pack. However additional channel cost and FTA cost is applicable on adding each extra channel.

How to change the language in D2H?
To change the language of any channel in your D2H, follow these steps-
1. Go to the desired channel.
2. Press the i button on the center of your D2H remote.
3. Press the yellow button and use the arrow buttons to see the available languages for that channel.
4. Press OK to change the language of the channel to the desired language.

How To Check Videocon D2H Balance?
Check Videocon D2H Balance Online - Logon to Videocon d2h (self-help) and enter Customer ID / Registered Mobile number and captcha to proceed.
Check Videocon D2H Balance by SMS - SMS BAL <Customer ID> to 566777 or 9212012299 from Registered Telephone Number (RTN). This Videocon balance check code is the simplest way to know your account balance.
Check Videocon D2H Balance via Toll Free Number - You can also check Videocon Balance by dialling the toll-free Videocon D2H balance check number 1800-137-0444. This is the Videocon D2H customer support number where you can find your Videocon balance, customer ID and much more.

How to know D2H Customer ID / Subscriber ID?
Send Customer ID to 566777 from your registered mobile number to know your Customer ID. There is no way to check Videocon D2H Customer ID Online.

How to contact Videocon Customer Care Support?
You can call on 091156 91156, 0120-3989677, 1800-137-0111, or 1800-212-212 to get in touch with Videocon Customer Care team. Alternatively, you can drop an email to customercare@D2H.com.