Samsung EVO Plus MB-MC64DA 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10 (80MB/s) Memory...

Samsung EVO Plus MB-MC64DA 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10 (80MB/s) Memory Card (With Adapter)

Samsung EVO Plus MB-MC64DA 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10 (80MB/s) Memory... | Specifications

  • 64 GB Capacity
  • Class 10
Full Specification
 Weight 0.5 g
 Width x Height x Depth 15 x 11 x 1 mm
 Security Water-proof, Temperature-proof, X-ray Proof, Magnetic-proof
 Card Class Class 10 Memory Card
 Card Type MicroSDHC
 Memory size 64 GB
 Speed 80 MB/s Read Speed, 20 Write Speed
 Model ID MB-MC64DA/IN
 Type MicroSDXC
Power & Operating Requirements
 Operating Temperature -25 ° C - 85 ° C
 Power Requirement 2.7 - 3.6 V
 Storage Humidity 93 %
Additional Features
 Additional Features 490 mins of Full HD Video or 1050 mins of HD Video or 15330 Songs, Save Over 5470 Photos, EMC (FCC, CE, VCCI, NATA) Certified, Smartphone, Tablet, Camera, Full HD Video Recording Support. Minimum Storage Temperature: -407deg;C, Resist Magnetic Fields of upto 15000 Gauss, Can Survive Upto 72 Hours in...View More 490 mins of Full HD Video or 1050 mins of HD Video or 15330 Songs, Save Over 5470 Photos,

Samsung EVO Plus MB-MC64DA 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10 (80MB/s) Memory... | Ratings & Reviews

0.2  ★250 Reviews

1  ★Dont buy this and dont waste money

Purchased this memory card last six months back, it suddenly stop working and showing as "writw protected" "read only" and went to service they wont accept to format or fix the problem, but on the its shoeing that 1 year warranty but what is the use, i want replacement for this from samsung.

By amazon customer2017-07-17

1  ★Lost data. Unable to format

5 months since purchase, this product has suddenly stopped working.. Even after taking teh painful decision of letting go of my data stored in it, I am unable to make it useful as i am just not able to format it. Have tried formating using multiple devices both computer and mobile phones... Chat with Samsung Support hasnt worked either.... I am better off relying in other brands

By amazon customer2017-07-17

1  ★Bad purchase.

brough this in lighting deal ..Bad purchase... after putting the SD card I switched on my TAB and found fumes coming out... it was burnt.. rubbish quality...

By amazon customer2017-07-17

1  ★One Star

deserves single star

By amazon customer2017-07-15

1  ★Worst product

Stopped working after a week of purchase

By amazon customer2017-07-15

1  ★Samsung Fake or Duplicate Card

After having 1 month used whenever i am inserted this card in my phone it shows 0 memory space and now its not working. Its not a samsung genuine product. When i contact amazon for replacement they told me its out of return they can not take it back.

By amazon customer2017-07-15

1  ★Very Bad Experience

I order memory 128gb Samsung EVO Plus card prototype Technology but i received mobile back cover (Fake Product)

By amazon customer2017-07-15

1  ★Unreliable. Avoid.

Worked for a few days. Had no issues while recording and transferring data. However, after a few data transfers, I couldn’t read the card on my laptop anymore. Can’t even format it now. Unreliable and disappointing.

By amazon customer2017-07-15

1  ★It has stopped working after 3-4 month service center does ...

It has stopped working after 3-4 month service center does not accept this product they said it is purchased online they does not take responsibility .Even it has worrenty of 10 freaking years I’m so furiousu00f0u009fu0098u00a0u00f0u009fu0098u00a0u00f0u009fu0098u00a0

By amazon customer2017-07-15

1  ★Class 1...not class 10 ðu009fu0098u0090

The write speed is too low. Falsely advertised as class 10.I regret trying out Samsung. Don’t fall for the low price like i did

By amazon customer2017-07-15

5  ★Product is good. I used this memory card for my redmi ...

Product is good. I used this memory card for my redmi note 3 and works perfextly fine. Alao transfer spees is fast. Actually i used for my dual sim and micro sd card by using the tricks i watched on youtube for my redmi note 3 and works perfectly fine. U should go for it

By amazon customer2017-07-15

5  ★Very nice product

This memory card is very good. I am using it in my S7 edge. The data read and write speeds are quite impressive. Overall, its a great package.

By amazon customer2017-07-15

1  ★Its fake!!!!!!!!!!!

Bloody fake memory card. So cheap yaar its just fake product. Pls dont just waste u r money behind this product

By amazon customer2017-07-15

5  ★Best 64GB memory card at budget

I have already used Sandisk Ultra memory card 32GB which is terrible at speed and got write protected.Now I bought this at u00e2u0082u00b91299,at Prime Day and I m glad that I did.100% Genuine product as verified at SAMSUNG.I m fully satisfied with the quality it provides.The writing and reading speeds are excellent for a heavy user too.Over all its a UHS-3 card and 64GB.No regrets at this.Fully recommend if its at offer,otherwise it is too costly.Thank You.Hit Helpful if u found

By amazon customer2017-07-15

5  ★Very fast, dependable and a lot of storage at a competetive price.

Very very fast. That’s the first thing I can say about this. It was well worth the price. Zero errors, quick boot, dependable.Plenty of space for most anything. I fill mine with TV episodes to watch on the move, some audio-books and a few movies. This pitifully small device can store a lot and reading or writing to it is not a problem. Its lightening fast.While I could not get the listed speeds with it, I did get around 17 mbps writing and 47 mbps reading. That may also have been some bottleneck in my own system. Those speeds are very impressive none-the-less.It works flawless in my car deck where daytime temperature can easily go above 50C when parked outside with the windows rolled up.I am very happy with this purchase.Highly recommended.

By amazon customer2017-07-13