Strontium 16GB MicroSDHC Class 10 (24MB/s) Memory Card

Strontium 16GB MicroSDHC Class 10 (24MB/s) Memory Card

Strontium 16GB MicroSDHC Class 10 (24MB/s) Memory Card | Specifications

  • 16 GB Capacity
  • Class 10
Full Specification
 Write Speed 6 MB/s
 Model Number 16 GB Micro SD Class 10
 Series NA
 Sales Package Memory Card
 W x H x D 15 mm x 11 mm x 1 mm

Strontium 16GB MicroSDHC Class 10 (24MB/s) Memory Card | Ratings & Reviews

0.2  ★32 Reviews

1  ★Worst Product

I have purchased 3 SDHC card out of that one worked only for a month it is not working now.
very bad quality product.

By flipkart customer2015-04-28

1  ★Wrong Information

When i check on the site for 32 GB SD card of strontium, i was very happy looking and the price. after ordering i found that the card which has been sent is different strontium SD Card.

By flipkart customer2015-02-13

1  ★Strontium MicroSD Card 32 GB Class 10

Hi Buyer

Pls be careful of this product. I have asked for tax bill. The SELLER refusing to pay this. so, FLIPKART giving some discount to avoid the legal process. PLS DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Pls be careful. this is the fact data I am sharing with you.

By flipkart customer2015-02-12

2  ★All name no game

Not reliable. Crashed 3 times in 6 months. Wont approve buying this.

I have used it over 6 months. Saved all my data on the phone, one day, restarted the phone and boink...the phone started fine and the memory card read it needs to be formatted.

By flipkart customer2013-10-27

1  ★Crashes Frequently

I have been using this card since last eight months and during this span this card has crashed three times. Though I did not store any precious data on SD card, I would recommend better go for a bigger brand than this one.
If your first priority is Quality rather than price, please go for Kingston/Transcend/Samsung/Sony.

By flipkart customer2013-08-27

1  ★Card Not Working

I got this Card in february 2013 after reading the reviews. so far it was great for me but now all of a sudden its not working. No device is detecting my card.
I’d suggest go for good brands. Its just a suggestion based on my experience or maybe my product was an exceptional case.

By flipkart customer2013-06-21

1  ★horrible experience.....dont buy

bought this few months back. suddenly the card stopped working and lost all data. went to service centre they replaced with class 6 card (it looked used since contact points were worn out) instead of class 10 saying will have to wait for 1 month to get class 10. the speed of class 6 is worse then class 2 of kingston make card which i have.

guys instead of this buy only reputed make card..........will realize only after the data is suddenly lost.

By flipkart customer2013-05-31


19 November, 2012 i purchased a memory card from .As usual flipkart has done an excellent job of delivering on time . From that time till now card was working fine in my samsung galaxy note-2 but unfortunately from today onwards some kind of error is showing related to my memory card like(SD card is blank or has unsupported file system) this memory card has 5 Years Full Manufacturer Warranty Strontium India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance. I am sure there is some way bcos i have saw so many reviews that this kind of memory card life is not more than 1 or 1.5 years . Is it True..?

By flipkart customer2013-04-17

2  ★Good value for money product.

I bought this card 14 days ago to use it with my Galaxy SIII and DSLR. I used it for storing movies and large images. It worked very well till date. Very speedy, never felt difference between phone’s internal memory and this memory card. Today unexpectedly it stopped working while using it with SD Card adapter with laptop.
So in my opinion this is like Chinese phones - "chalo to chaand tak nahi to raat tak".
Though it says it has 5 years replacement warranty I am still in contact with flipkart to get it replaced.
I will advice, spend more money but get better memory cards from well known brands like Sandisk and Transend etc.

By flipkart customer2013-03-18

5  ★Great value for Money

Bought this product a month ago. Works fine in my Micromax A90S. I did 4 regression tests and the results are consistent.
Tech Views:
Read Speed: 17Mbps
Write Speed: 15Mbps
Storage Limit: 14.63Gb
i have filled the Entire card with lots of images and HD Videos. But still my phone doesnt show any lag which implies appreciatable Read Speeds.

Price Views:
I have visited many stores asking for a Class 10 16GB SD Card, and the price i hear is in 4 Digit just for 4GB. And i was shocked seeing such low price for this piece which actually works great.

Service Views:
I recieved the product the next day after giving the order. It was well packed and couriered. Before i could even start to think of where my product is, it was in my hand.

If you are looking for an efficient storage device for your mobile or camera needs you can hook dis up..

By flipkart customer2013-02-13

1  ★card not working

I bought this card in July 2012. It worked fine till now with my Galaxy S3.
However now suddenly the phone has stopped recognising this card.

Also I am not able to read it on my computer with a card reader.

Buyers please be careful and check alternatives.

By flipkart customer2013-02-07

1  ★Poor support on warranty

Please buy product of this company at your own risk, I had bought a 32 GB card (OD20911200169) which went bad in just months and the company is just not giving me a replacement. Everytime you call them they will say it is in transit but it never arrived.

By flipkart customer2013-01-24

1  ★Well not that decent product !!

I received the SD card well before the estimated time, and the cheapest class 10, 16 GB card. Well after using it i found its only 14.5Gb mb well I understand that. but when i did some heavy data transfers i found its transfering at the max of 5.5 MB / SEC and not at estimated 10mb/sec. Well i am not sure if the product was an default one. I don’t see transferring above 5.5 mb/Sec speed. My main purpose was not solved.

By flipkart customer2012-12-24

4  ★Great card @ great price

Works absolultely fine till now on my Micromax A110 and with its ample space, I can play games like NFS Hot pursuit, Asphalt &, Shadow Gun with much ease (through rooting). The processing speed is really good. Last but not least, fantastic service from Flipkart as usual. Go for it guys!!

By flipkart customer2012-12-19

4  ★Good Card, Value for Money & Quick Delivery

I placed an order for this 32GB Memory Card for my Samsung Galaxy Note on 23rd Oct. 2012 and I received the item at my home on 25th OCt 2012. I must say Flipkart is quite serious in providing delivery services. Also their tracking system is quite good. I could actually trace the movement of my order all the way from their Bengaluru warehouse upto my home in Vadodara.

As for the product, I received the same in excellent condition and packing. Also, there were no issues in installing the card on my Galaxy Note and it works smoothly. Since it is a Class 10 card, there are no issues of phone slowing down during media access or even during starting the phone.

I would recommend this Strontium Card to anyone who wants a High Capacity (HC) Class 10 card for their high end smartphones. Strontium is also Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for many companies; which means the in-built memory that comes in the new phones is also using Strontium chips/memory cards only.

Hope you all readers find this review useful and helps in your decision making. Thanks!

By flipkart customer2012-11-08