SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10 (48MB/s) UHS-1 Memory Card...

SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10 (48MB/s) UHS-1 Memory Card (With Adapter)

SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10 (48MB/s) UHS-1 Memory Card... | Specifications

  • 64 GB Capacity
  • Class 10
Full Specification
 Weight 2 g
 Width x Height x Depth 11 x 1 x 15 mm
 Security Magnet Proof, Temperature Proof, Water Proof, X-Ray Proof
 Card Class Class 10 Memory Card
 Speed 48 MB/s Read Speed
 Memory size 64 GB
 Model Number Ultra
 Brand SanDisk
 Model ID Ultra
 Series Ultra
 Type MicroSDXC
 Sales Package 1 Memory Card
 W x H x D 11 mm x 1 mm x 15 mm
 Color Red, Grey
 Weight 2 g
In The Box
 Sales Package 1 Memory Card
Power & Operating Requirements
 Operating Temperature -25 degree C - 85 degree C
Product Details
 Maximum Operating Temperature 85 degree C
 Security Magnet Proof, Temperature Proof, Water Proof, X-Ray Proof
 Minimum Operating Temperature -25 degree C

SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSDXC Class 10 (48MB/s) UHS-1 Memory Card... | Ratings & Reviews

0.2  ★157 Reviews

4  ★Good product

Recommended to buy

By snapdeal customer2015-03-03

4  ★trust buy


By snapdeal customer2015-03-03

5  ★Best Buy Beast Performance

Best Buy Price

Beast Performance on High End Phones

Using it in z3 Compact no issues and also on Galaxy S4

By snapdeal customer2015-03-03

5  ★Superb Product

It is an amazing product and working the best way it should be on my Android Phone.

By snapdeal customer2015-03-03



By snapdeal customer2015-03-03


Good and very useful .Great experience working with it.

By snapdeal customer2015-03-03

5  ★Perfect. It doesn’t get any better


By snapdeal customer2015-03-03

4  ★Recommended For Raspberry Pi 2 Mod B

-- I bough it for my Raspberry Pi 2 MOD B.-- It works well and increase the Boot time significantly. ( I was using class 6 card before) .-- Apart from OS, Now I am able to store Large Data on the same Card, No extra USB Pen Drive required.-- On Laptop It shows average 10 MBPS Writing speed (Tested with Large size AVI and MP4 files).-- This microSDHC is the updated version of Sandisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I 16GB Class 10 Memory Card 30 MB/s.-- 16 GB (Actual 14 GB ) Storage Capacity is enough to Backup entire Mobile Data or-- Store Thousands of High RES Photos or Hours of FullHD Videos.-- Good for Recording FullHD Video on Mobile.-- SD Aadapter included, so use it in Laptop, Desktop or Mobile directly without any external Card reader.-- X-Ray Proof means no worry of Airport X-Ray Scanner.-- Waterproof, is a great Feature.-- Magnet Proof haven’t Tested yet.-- Though they mention it is Temperature and Shock proof, but haven’t given any Limits to Test.Overall a Good and Colorful microSDHC, looks little Overpriced.

By amazon customer2014-12-04

5  ★Yeah a good phone.

I can see a lot of negative comments on this phone but after use of 2months all I can say is its a good phone under 7K, yeah it got stucked 3-4 times & also gets heated when connected to charger and the charging notification still gets displayed after unplugging but somewhere thats all okay for me.( Might not be for some) and after unplugging, it gets into normal temperature within 5min.Accessories are working fine,fast charging, fast processor, No lags ,battery backup everything is fine.!

By amazon customer2014-12-04

1  ★Don’t buy it, it is cheap but also poor in quality

Waste your Money, if you buy this memory card then use it as backup for your use, it is use less the uploading and downloading is less then 100kb/sec, and maximum you can achieve is 5mb/sec when it use by tera copy from your PC, it takes 3 and a half hours to copy 8Gb to this memory card

By amazon customer2014-12-04

4  ★Jenex Jenex Rengma" SanDisk Ultra" Memory Card"

The Best "Memory Card for me so far. Its really Nice! u00c3u00b0u00c2u009fu00c2u0091u00c2u008du00c3u00b0u00c2u009fu00c2u0091u00c2u008du00c3u00b0u00c2u009fu00c2u0091u00c2u008d

By amazon customer2014-12-04


Received the product as expected. No surprises and the card worked without any issues. Using in my Lumia 730 .Copied more than 40 Gigs data,music,pictures,videos and got an average write speed of 10MBps Very happy with the product and price.Plus point is its Temperature proof, water proof, shock proof, and x-ray proof.Got it for discount on Diwali day deal.Satisfied with the selleru00c3u00a2u00c2u009cu00c2u0094 UPDATE 30-06-2015-----------------------------------------------#Got it verified from Sandisk official through live chat.and its Genuine.#Tested the transfer speed on PC & PHONEu00c3u00a2u00c2u009cu00c2u0094 PC transfer speed test-H2testw v1.4-USB 2.0-Warning: Only 9524 of 128536 MByte tested.-Test finished without errors.-You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.-Writing speed: 13.2 MByte/s-Reading speed: 19.5 MByte/su00c3u00a2u00c2u009cu00c2u0094 Transfer speed On android (Moto x)-A1 SD Benchmark-Writing speed: 10.2 MByte/s-Reading speed: 27.5 MByte/s--------------------------------------------------

By amazon customer2014-12-04

5  ★Great Deal! from Amazon

Great Deal! from Amazon. Good for HD Video recording. Product is good, data transfer is fast as it is class more explanation needed...Sanjay Gupta

By amazon customer2014-12-04

1  ★Don’t make yourself fool.

Guys don’t buy this product.It provide good speed ata the beginning just to fool you.But after 2,3 months speed decreases drastically.From 20mbps to 2mbps.Movies and songs download faster than copying.Please try Samsung may be that could be the better option.

By amazon customer2014-12-04

5  ★Five Stars

nice product at less price,i wont get for this price even in is really amazing.........

By amazon customer2014-12-04