Get additional cashback when you buy from Flipkart using our link (Expired)

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Get additional cashback when you buy from Flipkart using our link (Expired)

Dear OnlineRechargeDeal Users, Get additional cashback from us, if you buy any products from Flipkart through our links (that are displayed in this website)

Additional cashback from from OnlineRechargeDeal when you buy product from Flipkart.Com, using any links displayed in our website. You know that commission system works everywhere. If we refer any member to flipkart & if he/she purchases any product from Flipkart, then flipkart gives some commision to us. This commission amount is depends on time to time & we get this commission after 2-3 months.

If any visitor of our website buy any product from Flipkart using the link displayed in our website, then we also give 50% of the commission to our website visitor. If any visitor redirects to flipkart through our link & buy any product,then he/she will be eligible for this cashback. There are also some other coditions given below.


How to Get Additional Cashback from us for shopping to Flipkart - 

  1. First thing you should do is that you should clear cache & cookie of your browser. You may also buy product from Flipkart App.

  2. Make sure that there is no product added to your Flipkart Cart.

  3. Visit any Flipkart link displayed on our site or search, that is displayed in this page. Flipkart links, displayed in our website contains some tracking codes. So if you do not click on those flipkart links, you do not get any cashback.

  4. After clicking such links, you'll be automatically redirects to There you purchase any products. Try to purchase products within 30 minutes without closing browser.

  5. If you donot find the links, then please tell your desired productnames to our whatsapp (7583973431), we'll send you links after adding our tracking code.

  6. As soon as you'll buy the products, take a screensnap of order confirmation page & send to our Whatsapp or at our email address.

  7. We'll confirm you, about your right cashback amount within 7 days of purchase and transfer it to your bank account (or, as recharge.., which you want) after 45-60 days. (This long time, as we get the commission from Flipkart after such time period)

  8. Note that, cashback is not guranteed all time. However in 90% cases, you'll expect that you get some cashback.

  9. If Flipkart announces any cashback from their own side, you certainly avail those also.

  10. And, final thing, you never claim this cashback from Flipkart. 

Flipkart Link that you click to redirect to flipkart. Then search the product => Add it to cart => Make payments => Go to order confirmation page => Take screenshot => whatsapp that screenshot to us (75839 73421)


• Offer is valid till: 31/03/2017
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