Petrol Price in T Today: Rs. T - Rs. T

Last Update: Thu, 17 Jun 2021 07:33:13

Petrol & Diesel Price Today in T (Goa)

Petrol Price Today: ₹T * - ₹T [per litre] (as per IOCL)

Diesel Price Today: ₹T - ₹T [per litre] (as per IOCL)

This Price is effective from 17-06-2021 (6 A.M.)

Total number of IOCL Petrol Pump in T is 1

Petrol Price Calculation Per Litre (Approx)

Basic Cost of Fuel after Refining, Freight Cost: Rs. -21.54/litre
Additional: Excise Duty + Road Cess as Charged by Central Government: Rs. 17.98/litre
Commission to Petrol Pump Dealers: Rs. 3.56/litre
Additional:VAT (Varies from State to State): Rs. -1.3322676295502E-15/litre
Final Retail Price -(calculation): Rs. T/litre *

Petrol & Diesel Prices (per litre) according to IOCL Petrol Pumps in T (Goa)


Petrol Price: Rs. T | Diesel Price: Rs. T