About US & Website Update Log | OnlineRechargeDeal.Com

Update Date: 26/11/2018 (Monday)

Update Log: 1. Social sharing links are added at page https://onlinerechargedeal.com/offers/page/1.
2. An widget is added at https://onlinerechargedeal.com/price-in-india, more options are added on next updates.
3. Admin panel is updated for quicker update.

Next Update: Urgent section: telecom-news (to be launched in next update) within 15 days.

Update Date: 24/11/2018 (Saturday)

Update Log: Price Comparison Sitemap submitted to Google & Bing. All existing pages are updated with Google Ad now.

Next Update: As targeted.

Update Date: 19/11/2018 (Monday)

Update Log: Site is launched today officially with limited resource. User gets Recharge & Bill Payment Offers, Recharge Tariff Plans, eCommerce Price Comparison and Price Drop Alert. User gets updates on Whatsapp (START NOTIFICATION @ 7583973421) or send their query to email admin@onlinerechargedeal.com. Website is now ready with minimum SEO.

Next Update: Shopping Offers from various eCommerce websites. Automatically create & submit sitemap (of Price Comparison, Recharge Tariff & Offers, Shopping Offers) to Google, Bing & Yandex, so that our site is available on search results.